©EDSA | Shenyuan Senior Living | Building Entrance, Trees and People


©EDSA | Shenyuan Senior Living | Green and Golden Trees in Park with People


Existing landscape conditions create four scenic areas for a holistic healing approach to human care and hospitalization. Redefining the medical landscape with a more natural and open approach, the barrier-free design incorporates recuperation trails, rehabilitation gardens, resting and leisure nodes, a mountain park, children’s playground, ecological education garden and a multi-functional square.

©EDSA | Shenyuan Senior Living | Purple Flowers In Front of Half Circle Decking with Trees Behind

A series of spatial elements such as entry nodes, pathways, landscape set-backs, movable seating, planting, signage, lighting and other site amenities emphasize accessibility and visibility. These comfortable space are given human-scale and are well-integrated for a cohesive design vernacular. Emphasis is placed on the innate powers of nature where blowing breezes, fragrant plants and soft ornamental grasses blend with sunken sun lawns to create places full of vitality.

Emphasizing the power of nature’s healing, EDSA created a tranquil refuge and planned retirement community that uses the landscape, it’s forms and functions for human intimacy, pause and reflection.

  • ©EDSA | Shenyuan Senior Living | Path Under Canopy with Circle Mirror and Plants
  • ©EDSA | Shenyuan Senior Living | Multi-Generational Garden
  • ©EDSA | Shenyuan Senior Living | Multi-Generational Gathering
  • ©EDSA | Shenyuan Senior Living | Path Under Canopy with Ponds Either Side and Red Tree In Front

Project Details

    • Location Shanghai, China
    • Client Taikang Group
    • Scope Conceptual Design
      Detailed Design
      Construction Administration
    • Scale 4.5 Hectares