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Tasked with bringing about positive change through physical and economic redevelopment, restoration of this 500-year-old waterfront enhanced the overall value of the environment. A significant contributor to economic growth, the revitalized waterfront increased cruise ship tourism by nearly 500% and annually infuses $54.5 million in visitor spending.

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Development included the restoration of the historic Forni and Pinto stores for retail and commercial uses, addition of waterfront piazzas and public spaces, staging for cruise ships and tourist activities, as well as enhanced vehicular and pedestrian circulation. Critical to the restoration, was uncovering the historic waterfront edge and steps to the water in providing a venue for outdoor activities.

EDSA led a multi-disciplinary team toward a “triple bottom line” goal. The results of the planning, design, and implementation led to increased economic sustainability, reduction of impervious areas, improvement to surrounding pedestrian activities, utilization of indigenous construction, planting, and paving materials, as well as restoration of culturally significant buildings and waterfront.

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Project Details

    • Location Valletta, Malta
    • Client VISET Valletta Waterfront
    • Scope Master Planning
      Detail Design
      Construction Administration Services
    • Scale 4.8 Hectares