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©EDSA | Vinhomes Central Park | Lit Up Cage Structure


Inspired by Olmsted’s Central Park in New York City, Vinhomes Central Park creates lush green spaces and recreational areas within a high-density, urban fabric. Iconic bridges, expansive lawns and meadows, riverfront gardens, and a lake with signature fountains emulate the meandering and naturalized feel of the project’s namesake.

©EDSA | Vinhomes Central Park | White Flowers and Runners

Park amenities include an array of gardens, a grand lawn, versatile plazas, two restaurants, a wine/cigar bar, two themed playgrounds, a marina, beach, and sports courts. A boardwalk promenade utilizes the site’s reclaimed riverside location to create a vibrant, active waterfront. All amenities are connected by a multi-use trail while overhead breezeways link the park to the expanded residential area.

EDSA provided conceptual and detailed design services addressing recreational spaces, natural areas, site amenities, and adjacent residential offerings. This fast-paced project opened fourteen months after conceptual design began.

  • ©EDSA | Vinhomes Central Park | Birds Eye View of Road
  • ©EDSA | Vinhomes Central Park | Path and Palm Trees
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Project Details

    • Location Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
    • Client VinpearlLand Joint Stock Company
    • Scope Conceptual and Detailed Design
    • Scale 37 Hectares