Wuhan East Lake Greenway

Inspired by the achievements of the Chu culture, the details of the East Lake Greenway establish a strong sense of place. Strategic use of the latest environmental technology combined with simple conservation practices helps this project raise the bar for progressive sustainability and establish it as an icon for forward-thinking transportation. The linear greenway corridor and lake serve as a natural amenity and support multi-modal transport alternatives, bikeways, pedestrian paths, and event space. The park-like atmosphere connects to existing attractions, creates a variety of landscape experiences, and improves infrastructure, circulation, and wayfinding. Providing continuous, safe, and accessible routes that encourage a healthy lifestyle, the design achieves a low carbon-footprint and provides users opportunities for recreation and a better understanding of nature and the local culture.

EDSA designed a plan that brings holistic elements together for a one-of-a-kind entertainment, recreation, family-oriented, community destination.

Project Details

Wuhan, China
Wuhan Land Use
Urban Spatial Planning Research Center
Master Planning
Detailed Design
Construction Administration
21.6 Hectares