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By immersing ourselves in site’s natural environment, studying the surrounding culture and embracing historical context, we are creating more than a landscape design – we are telling a story that turns a space into an experience.

Tyler S. Wallace PLA

Vice President

Inspired by the spaces and elements that make a project unique, Tyler utilizes his passion for developing a site’s story of place by celebrating existing culture and preserving its historical heritage. Consciously aware of how a design reacts to its context, he strategically formulates responses to existing physical and social conditions to develop a stronger connection between people and the environment. Tyler strives to engage in sustainable living and green building practices through the implementation of performance-based design which promotes an “out-of-the-box” approach to infrastructure and encourages the use of alternative mobilities for an adaptable, yet resilient design. He is accomplished in delivering projects through construction phases and is driven to see each through to their implementation.

  • Education: Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Iowa State University
  • Associations: American Society of Landscape Architects; Urban Land Institute
  • Location: Denver