©EDSA | Port Ba Son | Aerial View


©EDSA | Port Ba Son | Streetscape


Transforming this historic port into a premier mixed-use district, EDSA’s design provides a strong urban framework that effectively utilizes its waterfront location, close proximity to city offerings, and transportation network to create a vibrant destination for commerce, education, entertainment, and living. Its river lotus design embodies modern landscape forms and geometries and embraces Feng shui principles. Curving, sinuous edges meander throughout the project, evoking a sense of fluid motion, continuity, and growth. Varied radii incorporated within, correspond directly to fortuitous numbers associated with power, wealth, stability, attainment, and accomplishment.

©EDSA | Port Ba Son | Villa Area

The design becomes more naturalized and organic in the site’s lower-density villa areas, showcasing parks, green lawns, gardens, and reflecting pools. The initial development phase includes residential products of varying heights and configurations, commercial and retail uses, signature pools and water features, playgrounds, plazas, promenades and private courtyards.

EDSA provided conceptual, schematic and detailed design services for landscape and hardscape components.

  • ©EDSA | Port Ba Son | Waterfront
  • ©EDSA | Port Ba Son | Aerial Building View
  • ©EDSA | Port Ba Son | Residential Area
  • ©EDSA | Port Ba Son | Waterfront and Tower

Project Details

    • Location Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    • Client VinpearlLand Joint Stock Company
    • Scope Design Development
    • Scale 25 Acres