Ruyi Island

The elegant island boasts a dynamic mix of uses including theme parks, museums, malls, wellness and spa facilities, as well as residential, commercial, hospitality, and entertainment offerings. Drawing inspiration from nature’s intrinsic beauty, the contextually aware master plan maximizes development while minimizing oceanic impacts and required reclamation. Extensive research into prevailing winds, wave conditions, water depth, currents, and weather patterns informed the design team’s decisions for shape and configuration of the island, giving way to a recognizable geometry of nature. Pedestrian connectivity is enhanced throughout the island by a greenway system that houses a series of public spaces. The network radiates from a central core and acts as a connecting thread seamlessly transitioning each unique space from the next. Water streets, lagoons, and marinas anchor land uses and establish a continuous experience through organically inspired districts. A monorail system from the mainland is supported by ferries and on-island transport, allowing Ruyi freedom from automobile congestion.

EDSA provided master planning and conceptual design services resulting in a comprehensive, organic sense of place with abundant commerce and premier hospitality experiences.

Project Details

Hainan, China
Beijing Zhonghong Zhuoyue Group Co., Ltd.
Master Planning
559 Hectares