©EDSA | El Portal Tropical Rainforest Center | People on Rocks In Front of Waterfall


©EDSA | El Portal Tropical Rainforest Center | Forest with Building in Distance


The El Portal Tropical Forest Center is located in the only tropical forest in the United States or its territories. As a model headquarters for ecotourism and economic development and training, the Center was built to educate those concerned about the well-being of the Caribbean National Forest and preserve the unique tropical forest heritage and environment.

©EDSA | El Portal Tropical Rainforest Center | Pathway with People next to Entrance Canopy

The entry experience begins atop an elevated walkway that unites the facility with the surrounding forest and provides views to the mountain peaks, ocean, and reforested terrain. The Center contains 9,000 square feet of exhibits, an enclosed theater, conference center classrooms and laboratories, as well as administrative offices. In an effort to preserve natural conditions, care was taken to use existing openings for roads, parking areas, and buildings while the arrival sequence and parking lots were designed with contours to save existing trees.

EDSA provided master planning services, design development drawings, and contract documents.

©EDSA | El Portal Tropical Rainforest Center | Sky View with Trees and Building

Project Details

    • Location Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
    • Client The U.S Forest Service
    • Scope Master Planning
      Detailed Design
      Construction Administration Services
    • Scale 28,000 Acres