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PepsiCo World Headquarters forever changed the persona of corporate campuses by nestling a major building complex into the natural landscape. The creative interplay between woodlands, hardscape, and gardens results in a series of outdoor living rooms of blended courtyards, informal meadows, and The Donald M. Kendall outdoor sculpture garden that draws more than 100,000 annual visitors. The supporting planting palette not only includes native shrubs and grasses, but materials from different geographies and biomes.

©EDSA | PepsiCo World Headquarters | Wooded Walkway

Trees were added to the grounds, complete with placards designating their names and origins, while existing greenhouses were maintained to grow annuals used on the property. Parking was sited beyond the forest to obscure cars from view and encourage employees to walk before arriving at their desks and again in the evening as a way to decompress.

EDSA provided complete master planning and landscape design services, as well as supplying a “Design and Maintenance” manual for future design initiatives. This site has received accolades for retaining its original design integrity and 20+year positive contribution to the public realm of the community.

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Project Details

    • Location Purchase, New York
    • Client PepsiCo.
    • Scope Master Planning
      Detailed Design Services
    • Scale 112 Acres