Located within China’s largest natural rainforest, efforts focused on preserving the land and establishing an authentic cultural experience. The organization of programed elements maximizes the site’s development potential and add value to associated residential, recreation, and tourism offerings. The master plan reflects the functionality of local hillside villages with the proper configuration of public and private spaces situated along the ridge. Linking the site’s natural features, distinctive districts are situated along a circulation framework that prioritizes the use of cable cars, trains and trails as transportation. The plan includes a Rainforest Lake Resort and Village (tourism hub), Cloud Valley (hotels, hilltop homes and villas), Sky Lake (glamping/agro-tourism) and an Adventure/Education Park.

EDSA conducted an audit of the existing development and provided redirection with a visionary master plan that maximizes value and honors the site’s integrity from a holistic viewpoint.

Project Details

Yunnan Province, China
Beijing Zhonghong Investment Limited
Master Planning
Detailed Design Services
11,000 Hectares