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©EDSA | Bal Harbour Shops | Seating Area and Pond


The lushly landscaped, open-air shopping mall has operated at 100% occupancy for several decades. Opened in 1965, the destination retail environment challenged commercial trends of the time. A strong hierarchy, harmony, and flow guides pedestrian usage patterns by creating a pleasant experience that showcases Florida’s climate and brings the entire project within human scale.

©EDSA | Bal Harbour Shops | Illuminated Fountains

Foliage and fountains, rather than air-conditioning, cool and aerate the open corridors, while black olive and sour orange trees, sea grapes, and laurel shrubs were selected for their fragrant appeal and ability to withstand the wind and salt spray of South Florida. The use of trees in the parking areas effectively tempers the extensive lots and provides pleasing views for outward-facing retailers and restaurants as well as visitors on foot.

EDSA provided detailed design and construction period services for this project in addition to several modifications over time to ensure continued success for the retail destination.

  • ©EDSA | Bal Harbour Shops | Aerial View of Water Feature
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Master Plan

The careful siting of buildings allows for lavish landscaping that creates a compatible environment with the adjacent residential community and softens the effect of parking areas and surrounding thoroughfares.

Project Details

    • Location Bal Harbour, Florida
    • Client Bal Harbour Shops, Inc.
    • Scope Detailed Design
      Construction Administration Services
    • Scale 2 Acres