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©EDSA | Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center | Central Courtyard with Sculpture


The center blends seamlessly with the existing Baylor campus and the surrounding San Marco neighborhood with an architecture that is both iconic and timeless. Including radiation and infusion therapy, imaging, clinics, conferencing, and education spaces as well as a cafe with outdoor dining, the building wraps around a central courtyard that provides a peaceful and calming setting for patients and their families and introduces extensive daylighting into interior spaces.

©EDSA | Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center | Entrance

The more than $150 million addition dramatically expanded the comprehensive cancer care available and provides inspiration and hope for cancer patients through state-of-the-art cancer treatment.

A rich palette of materials defines the architecture and is used to create an abstract interpretation of St. John’s River which provides visual interest for patients receiving infusion. Inside, sophisticated materials and artwork immerse patients, visitors, and staff in a calming environment that promotes healing. Flexible floorplates and shell space are provided to accommodate new technology and expansion.

Project Details

    • Location Jacksonville, Florida
    • Client HKS
    • Scope Master Planning Services
    • Scale 322,710 Square Feet
  • ©EDSA | Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center | Building