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©EDSA | Universidad del Norte | White Background Plan


The reimagined higher education center establishes a sustainable infrastructure that captures the cultural tones and vibrant spirit of modern- day Barranquilla. With form-based design as a springboard, the refreshed campus framework addresses pedestrian circulation and connectivity, access portals and open space organization.

©EDSA | Universidad del Norte | Model View

Countering the high-density university backdrop, plazas and unifying water elements create direct linkages between multi-use hybrid spaces, outdoor rooms and amenities for heighted student enjoyment and social experiences. Along the campus spine, covered awnings and waved roofs create shaded gathering areas that serve as visual connectors while art instillations and the surrounding protected forest serve as an aesthetic foundation for an ecologically-appropriate phased capital improvement plan.

EDSA developed a comprehensive master plan and conceptual design which integrates over 15 hectares of the preexisting campus community as well as 13 hectares of proposed expansion. Embracing a new era, the innovative program establishes a harmonious balance between people, place and the natural environment.

Project Details

    • Location Barranquilla, Colombia
    • Client Universidad del Norte
    • Scope Master Planning
      Conceptual Design
    • Scale 29.1 Hectares