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Paying tribute to Arabian architecture and hospitality on a truly regal scale, this development is comprised of three equally distinctive properties – The Palace, Arabian Court, and Residence & Spa. Offering visitors a unique cultural experience, the 640-room resort destination accurately reflects the magical moments and mythical charms of old Arabia with the use of intricate arches, domes, and towers, intermingled with courtyards, rich green lawns, immaculate flower beds, landscaped gardens, fountains, and meandering pathways.

©EDSA | One & Only Royal Mirage | Outdoors

Inspired by motifs from the Islamic School of Garden Design as well as iconic Mughal landmarks, site planning relied heavily upon traditional architecture and indigenous materials such as arid-climate plants, native sandstone, and date palms in allées that help organize spaces and circulation. This Moorish style is further replicated in the design of pools and fountains where water adds visual and audible relief from the sun and heat.

Cognizant of a unified property that was to be developed in phases, EDSA captured the exotic synergy between materials, form, flora, and color of the elaborate mosques of Islam, creating a rich experience seeped in the regional history, art, and culture.

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Project Details

    • Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • Client Mirage Leisure & Development, Inc.
    • Scope Resort Planning
      Detailed Design
      Construction Administration Services
    • Scale 65 Hectares