©EDSA | Qianhai International Hospital | Pathway Under Canopy with Plants and Koi Fish


©EDSA | Qianhai International Hospital | Aerial View


With improved integration into the central business district and a pilot for medical reform, the future-oriented urban hospital intends to improve the healthcare continuum with a hospitality, rest harbor- like experience. Pink gardens, children’s play areas and meditation garden are designed to bring healing comfort and convenience to patients, visitors and medical staff.

©EDSA | Qianhai International Hospital | Cherry Blossom Trees

The impact to urban ecological is fully considered in the design scheme where surface rainwater storage and infiltration are ensured by maximized green space and rainwater irrigation is used to control micro-climate temperatures. Celebrating the city’s maritime history, coconut forests, native dune plants and interactive amusement facilities imitating masts awaken memories of the sea. A series of vertical green hanging devices and green walls, installed in the atrium and courtyards along the medical street, raise the artistic sensibility and vitality of the hospital.

EDSA’ design contributed nearly 10,000 square meters of a shared park and green medical street connecting the flow of people to the urban corridor while public sculptures, outdoor art exhibitions and gardens showcase the regional history and corporate culture.

  • ©EDSA | Qianhai International Hospital | Road
  • ©EDSA | Qianhai International Hospital | Track and Garden
  • ©EDSA | Qianhai International Hospital | Three Trees Sitting Area
  • ©EDSA | Qianhai International Hospital | View of Building
  • ©EDSA | Qianhai International Hospital | Outdoor Sitting Area

Project Details

    • Location Shenzhen, China
    • Client Taikang Group
    • Scope Conceptual
      Detailed Design
      Construction Documents Review
    • Scale 15 Acres