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Throughout history, the UF campus has embraced change while preserving compatibility and harmony. This consistency is evident, not only in its historic structures, but in visual linkages and the relationship between the built and natural environment.

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In a movement to redevelop a campus master plan that more closely follows the original 1920’s design while addressing current and future growth challenges, a new Comprehensive Master Plan was established to promote, preserve, evolve, and reinterpret the original Collegiate Gothic concept. Implementation of planning and design principles include balanced proportion of building mass to open space and periphery landscape; sited entrances with pedestrian access and view lines; and reinvigorated historic courtyards along with views, vistas, and pedestrian corridors reflective of the open spaces.

EDSA, University staff, and the alumni association worked in collaboration to devise the first effort for master planning. The initial implemented project was the Yardley Historic Courtyards which stress the importance of identifying bounda-ries, utilizing a cohesive palette of materials, and introducing the outdoor classroom/living room concept.

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Project Details

    • Location Gainesville, Florida
    • Client University of Florida
    • Scope Master Planning
      Detailed Design Services
    • Scale 200 Acres